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A Little History

WRAMM Co. was founded in July of 1993 and is dedicated to the advancement in the State-of-the-Art of secure telecommunications and robotics. Itís staff is composed of software and hardware professionals that were previously associated with the Logicon Ultrasystems Inc. Secure Information Systems division. Logicon in June of 1993 disbanded that division and several members have now formed WRAMM Co. The WRAMM Co. mission is to provide manufacturing, systems analysis, systems integration and consulting services to the U.S. Government and commercial customers in the area of robot design, software analysis and secure communications . To this end we have established business relationships with many of the OEM vendors in the secure and non-secure communications markets. These vendor relationships enable our staff to provide our customers with the resources to accurately establish realistic requirements in light of the current State-of-the-Art. WRAMM Co. currently has on-going relationships with V-Systems , Ricoh , Sharp, Biscom , Turtle Mountain Communications and AT&T Federal Systems that provide us with a very clear insight into the current market. In addition we have several contracts with the federal government to provide them with secure applications and support. The WRAMM Co. product line consists of modular hardware and software designed to allow the customer as much flexability as possible in the design , implementation and integration of secure communications and robotics into their organizations.

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We are an equal opportunity employer.

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